The Off-Grid Myth

With the number of people becoming prosumers (producers/ consumers) of energy nowadays, a lot of people talk about being able to get “off the gird”. With how solar energy is developing and how storage is improving, it is tempting to believe that that is an option- but as of now, off the grid is still a myth. Why?
First and foremost the grid provides a stability that self-produced energy won’t be able to match for a long time (if ever). If anything happens to self-produced energy an “off the gird” person has to rely on costly generators. Second, the ability to “sell” energy when excess is produced is a huge boon to independent producers. Without the ability to sell back excess energy it’s just wasted. Girds also handle the sudden influx of power needed to start many large appliances and motors, such as, say, a refrigerator which can tax the flexibility of independent systems.
As of now, and for the foreseeable future, the grid is where we live, and honestly, that makes out jobs easier. For more reasons off the grid is simply not a realistic option yet, read here.

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