The Greenest Skyscraper

Green is a matter of the past. How can I say that? Well, I can say that because it’s true. Green isn’t enough anymore. We have to be more green than green especially as countless innovations are pouring out every day- the future of green is a short lived dream because it is realized almost as soon as someone imagines it.
Right now some of our fellow electricians are helping to build the greenest skyscraper to date- and what makes it green is really quite fascinating. The roof design, for example, controls the heat of the building, gathering sunlight and changing the temperature of the air, but that’s HVAC related.
The electrical systems are far more fascinating. The light control system is extremely innovative, the new systems they are putting in have never really been installed before, but because of things like iPads and the new tech they are able to work with the plans to make them function as they should, in a way, on the fly. To see more about the project and the people working it, see here: PNC’s Eco Friendly Skyscraper is a Breathable Building.

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