Get Your Glove On!

Electricity is awesome- but it’s also dangerous. There are more things to think about when it comes to safety for us then there are for most other professions out there (we’re looking at you accountants!). When it comes down to it, the two pieces of protective equipment that we couldn’t do without are our gloves. But what do you have to keep in mind when getting the right gloves?
Well, there are two types to keep in mind. Type 1, which are not ozone resistant and thus crack and are overall compromised with exposure. Then there’s type 2, which are ozone resistant and more useful in pollutant heavy working conditions. The you have to know your classes. From 00 all the way up to 4, the different classes are tested to take the punishment current creates. Once you have the right gloves of the job, you need to make sure you maintain them! This is an OSHA standard that could save you a lot of pain- and possibly your life.
For more on gloves, including ways to test their effectiveness, check out this article here: Choosing The Right Gloves.

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