Found a counterfeit electrical product? Report it!

Counterfeit products not only hurt businesses, but they may not adhere to quality standards making them potentially dangerous as well.

Unfortunately according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, only half of respondents surveyed actually report a counterfeit if one is discovered, possibly because they don’t know where to report them.

Power management company Eaton developed some tips that will help professionals report counterfeit electrical products in hopes of identifying counterfeit product supply chains.

If you come across a counterfeit product, first contact the brand owner and let them know. Provide as much information as possible. It’s a good idea to set up a company-wide reporting process to protect yourself and your employees.

Can’t find the brand info? Contact International Property Rights Center and they can aid you. To avoid potential counterfeit problems in the future, always buy authentic through authorized distributors or resellers.

Read the full article here: Eaton shares tips for reporting counterfeit electrical products

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