Exciting Enrollment

Imagine, for a moment, you’re back in high school. Think of the popular guy and you probably get the All-American. Think of the dweeb and you probably get the nerdy kid who played D&D (and now makes six-figures). Then imagine the people in welding or shop class. If you went to high school in the past 20-40 years, you probably get an image of the burn-out, the guy who wants to skate by. That, it seems, has been the image of those who practice the technical arts most people conjure today as school systems around the country discourage kids from entering the trades and promote college as a cure-all to life’s problems.
California is taking steps to change that, offering a program which would allow students to work toward Union certification and find apprenticeships right out of high school. Finally, it seems, the trades are receiving some due respect from our schools, and it’s about darn time. Programs like this exist, but are often either incredibly hard to find or actively hidden, with California’s highly publicized program it could be a sign that things are changing.
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