The EV Boom

Sales of electric vehicles soared this year. In fact, there are almost twice as many of the suckers on the road now then there were last year. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the EV is replacing the fossil fueled car, as the 234,000 on the road are a fraction compared to the 247.9 regular old fossil fueled cars out there. But demand for these cars continues to go up.
What does this mean for us? Well these cars rely on charging stations in homes and at places of work to run well- and the demand for said stations is going through the roof. While it’s not everywhere yet, states like California are in demanding electricians who know how to install these things. That said, these stations used to only be in select states, now every state has at least some around major cities.
As demand for these stations and vehicles grows, we cannot ignore the business opportunity this presents for us as electricians. It’s a huge market that is pretty much wide open- a new gold rush that can give you the edge over your competition.
To read more about the trend and how you can capitalize on it, go here: It’s A Fast Market.

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