Selecting the Best Energy Efficient Products for Your Home

electricity-savingI spend a lot of time researching new products to improve home energy efficiency—it is my business after all! Looking through news sites, blogs and other avenues I’ve come across many different resources that can help consumers save money and use less electricity.

In my searches today, I came across an awesome site,, that shows consumers which products on the market are actually the most efficient based on how much they cost to purchase, their features and how much they cost to run over time.

Everything from refrigerators to washers and dryers and even video game consoles are rated based on efficiency. And the great thing is that you can compare models of various appliances that fit the bill of what you’re interested in buying and then see which one is the most efficient within the limits of what you want.

Tools like this are great because they give you the freedom to shop around and see the overall efficiency of an appliance before you buy and install it in your home and you can really determine which fits your needs the most before making the investment in it.

Installation of any appliances in your home can be benefitted by the use of power factor correction devices like Electric Saver 1200, and if those appliances are already energy efficient products in themselves, it means that much more savings!

Check out the infographic below for some examples of appliance comparisons! And don’t forget to visit our main page for information on how to purchase our energy saving products!


Appliance Comparisons

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