Electricity Saving Device: Guidelines To Conserve Electricity At Your Work Place

Start Saving MoneyJust like, every individual works on, the cost cutting methods for his house, In the same manner, the big corporates also work, towards finding the new cost cutting methods at the work place. And to begin with, The first thought process in the mind can be related to Electricity or Energy! Because in today’s world, it is one of the costliest factor affecting the profits of the company!

Following are some of the best ways to conserve the electricity –

i} Lighting Management – Install the power saving equipments in your office. These power saving equipments function in such a way, that, the sensors will sense the empty room, and switch off (or dim) the Lights and other electrical equipments. This can be a very useful gadget, say, in the Conference Room or the cabins as well !

ii} Computer Management – Computers, consume most of the energy, as it is available on almost each and every table. But it is equipped with the settings of its own, to save the energy. You adjust the settings in such a way, that, it will go on auto off mode, when unused for a defined time. Even, induce the habit into each employee, to switch-off the monitor during lunch time or a tea-break. There should be a total shut-down during the night time, especially printers, computers and photocopiers unless it is required during the nights. But point to remember here is that, there should be the complete compatibility between the power shut, and the software installed.

Air Conditioneriii} Air-Conditioner – This also consumes lots of energy, especially the central A.C. system. For this, programmable thermostats can be installed. They also work in the way like power saving equipments. Here, the temperature is adjusted, depending on the quorum in the room. These thermostats, can be programed, to auto switch off mode, when the room is empty.

iv} Star-Rated Equipments – Usage of Energy Efficient Ratio (ERR) equipments. The Government Authorities, depending on their energy/electricity usage, advocates the stars on these equipments. Electronic items like LCD, Refrigerator, A.C., Copiers, Fax, Printers consume lots of energy in switch-on mode. The higher the ERR rate, lesser will be the power consumption, at the switch on mode. And usage of these equipments, can help in reducing your electricity bills, considerably.

v} Small accessories like Charger, Fans should be the responsibility of the employee occupying that work station. Induce the habit of switching it off while calling for the day.

v} Water-Heating Equipments – If your organization is incorporated with this equipment, then firstly you should go in for the ERR equipment. Secondly temperature control should be always monitored with proper charting and responsible person. Usually reducing the temperature, always increases the power savings!

Electricity Saving Devicevi} Installation of Electricity Saving Device 1200 KVA- This is the revolutionary new device, Manufactured by Miami FL for the reduction in the Electricity bill. This product is UL & CuL listed (number E342228),with a product liability insurance. It is basically the value for money product, which is installed at the largest motor in the office. Even the installation process is less than 45 minutes depending on your requirements. Do visit http://electricsaver1200.com for further information.

The management, if takes their entire staff into confidence, then there will be lots of power savings. Following are some of the tips for the same. –
1. Organize a monthly competition on topics of Energy Conservation amongst the employee’s. Motivate, by giving a small memento and a certificate for the best suggestion !
2. Arrange small training sessions/Guidelines, delivered by the outside faculty in connection with the Energy Conservation!

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