Electricity Saver Gadgets: A More Effective Way of Saving Electricity

Make Your Home Green

Do you know we inadvertently overuse the electricity without even knowing it? Appliances consume energy despite being turned off not only do we pay for electricity we use, but we also pay for electricity we don’t use.

Electricity Saver GadgetsElectricity saver gadgets have been known to help extend the life of appliances as well as cut electricity costs. The Electricity Saver 1200 for example can keep your bill down to a minimum and protect your home from electrical surges. It does this by recycling the energy lost by heat production whenever an electrical current passes from your home to the electrical company’s transformer. This generated heat (Watt) can be released in excess and is considered energy wasted. But it is still energy you end up paying for. By reducing this through recycling you cut the cost of your electricity bill.

There are ways of managing an overuse of electrical energy at home. Oftentimes it is the most obvious solution to the problem. Here are a few tips to decrease electricity use and save money.

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Make it a practice turning off the light when you leave a room. And if possible only use the light when there isn’t sufficient lighting. Make use of natural sunlight during the day.

Whenever you leave home unplug appliances because these consume electricity even when they are not in use.

Check Your ThermostatRegularly check thermostats and heaters, make sure they are not overused. If they rack in more electricity than other units have them replaced with something more efficient.

Check your home’s insulation and if they aren’t working properly then you are wasting electrical energy when you use your heater. Reinforce them or change them. Insulation should be at least 6 inches thick.

Turn off faucets when brushing your teeth and don’t take long showers if you can help it. The showers take a lot of electricity to pump out the water and heat them up.

If you’ve been using non-fluorescent light bulbs it might be time to change them to fluorescent ones. These use less energy than other lighting.

Make use of fans during hot weather. Air conditioning units use up a lot of energy and are costly. Only use them when it is too hot.

During cold weather you can wrap windows with clear plastic to keep the cold out, but open your drapes or blinds to let the sun in, this will help warm your house helping you save on your heater.

A change of temperature by a degree adds 5% to your electrical cost. Have your heater at a maintaining temperature of at most 68 degrees, wear sweaters to keep warm. Better yet get a programmable thermostat that will keep the temperature in your home to your liking when you want it.

Electricity Saver Gadget PackageBy saving electrical energy not only are you doing your wallet a favor and protect your electrical appliances you are also helping to make the world a better place. Less energy used less earthly resources are required. Less fossil fuels used means lesser global warming. Avail of the Electricity saver gadget 1200 and go green.

By using energy efficient appliances and managing use of electricity at home you can save hundreds of dollars. And you can save even more with the Electricity Saver 1200 by making your motors more efficient.

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