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Everyone is struggling in today’s economy most people are looking to cut costs in any way they can find. One of the first things they want to do is cut their electricity consumption. The fastest and easiest way to do that is by getting the Electric Saver installed on your house or your business.

The Electric Saver 1200 machine will reduce your electricity bill potentially saving you up to 25%. It can help to extend the lifetime of your appliances, which is saving you money as well, and it protects your home or business from dangerous power surges and costly spikes.

When you turn on an appliance inside your home or office, the power has to travel from the transformer the power company has in place to your house and through the panel box and finally to your appliance. During all that traveling through wires, you lose some of the power and you still have to pay for that lost power. The Electric Saver 1200 saves you money by storing and then recycling the otherwise wasted energy from your air conditioners, electric heaters and other inefficient appliances used every day in our homes and businesses.

It is a simple technology that even power companies use to correct their own power issues and it saves them money and issues as well. Their transformers waste electricity like our appliances do and they have capacitors in place to store lost electric energy for later use during spikes and surges or for when people turn on their appliances. Why shouldn’t you join them and let this technology work for you?

The Electric Saver 1200 is made by a family oriented business that is located in Okeechobee, Florida and it meets all government safety requirements. We feel that money shouldn’t be wasted on your power bill.  We personally guarantee that you will be happy with the difference you see in your power bill. If you are not totally satisfied with the Electric Saver  we will give you your money back at any time during the first year.

The Electric Saver 1200 also comes with a 20 year warranty with every install so if at any time you have a problem with it not working right, we will come and fix or replace it. So what have you got to lose? All you can do is gain with this risk free investment because the money you save on your monthly power bill will pay for the price you spend on the Electric Saver 1200.

If you are still uncertain if it is worth it, or if you still need a little more convincing that we are for real and telling you the truth, read our customer testimonials where you will find several satisfied customers. All of them have saved money on their power bill with the Electric Saver 1200 and are now able to spend more of their hard earned money on the really important things in life.

Stop wasting your hard earned dollars on high electric bills.  Start Spending more of your money on the things YOU deserve.

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