Electricians Training Firefighters

Let’s set the scene. There’s a fire blazing. An inferno, tendrils of fire eating licking the cool night air- plumes of black smoke billowing. Enter out heroes, the men with coats and hoses suffocating the flames with water, but there’s a problem. They can only reach the flame with a ladder, and that ladder is close to the power lines. In the chaos of fighting the fire, the ladder touches the line endangering men in the truck below. This used to be a fatal situation, until firefighters got training from electricians one what to do.
Electrical safety programs are being taught to firefighters and other first responders more and more nowadays, and to great effect. These programs, run by electricians nation-wide, are saving lives and something to consider doing for any one who takes pride int heir electrical work.
The biggest problem is just getting the first responders to slow down a but when coming into a situation, firefighters especially, as they are trained to jump head first into dangerous situations. Read more about the electrical safety programs and how you can help here: IBEW Trainer Raises Electrical Awareness for Emergency Personnel.

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