Electric Saving Device: 10 Ways To Lower Electric Bill

Ways To Lower Electric BillElectricity bills are rapidly rising, and the utility bills are getting more expensive across the world. Below are some of the best ten tips you can use to fight back this, and lower your electrical bill by a bigger margin of up to 50 percent.

1. Always switch off any of your equipments when not in use.
You should always turn any of your appliances off right at wall plugs, instead of keeping them on a standby mode since this can basically draw up to 25 percent or even more of regular electricity use. (Examples of these are Music systems, TVs, phone chargers, personal computers among many others.) While going for your holidays, never forget to turn off the geyser as this would save you more electricity.

2. Usually Install efficient lighting systems
For your information, Compact Fluorescent Lamps can use up to 70 percent less power compared to the old incandescent bulb, and even last longer. Do not forget that Compact Fluorescent Lamps has little amounts of dangerous chemicals, and because of this, you are advised to dispose them safely. So you can always use the Compact Fluorescent Lamps instead of the incandescent bulb to save your electricity.

3. Reduce the excessive cooling or heating using electricity
The space heating during winter is usually a big electric power ‘guzzler’, and this also applies for the summer cooling at homes which has cooling systems. It is advisable to use localised gadgets rather than the heating systems or central air-conditioning , and only cool or heat the occupied rooms. While doing this, the room temperatures should not go beyond ten degrees (Celsius) or lower than outside temperature/ ambient temperatures. Oil or fan heaters which have thermostats are always the best, and you should at all times avoid the under-floor heating. During summer, you should use a fan instead of air-conditioning.

Electric Saving Device4. Use electric saving device.
This is one of the best methods to go-by. Using an electric saving device such as an Electric Saver 1200 can help save your electric energy big time. Most of these devices are also not costly just like the Electric Server 1200 which is very much affordable and saves a lot of electricity.

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5. Consider a Night saver meter.
In case you think you can shift over 20 percent of the electricity consumption from daytime to the night-time, then a Night saver meter could be a great way of saving your electricity.

6. Find out how much you use.
Once you have know the amount of electricity that your household uses, then you have the benchmark which you can easily measure against while planning on how to reducing your consumption.

Save Electricity7. Make sure your immersion is properly insulated
By properly insulating your immersion, you can greatly reduce the water heating costs by 35 percent or even more.

8. Low energy light bulbs.
Low energy bulbs will always use extra electric energy compared to standard bulbs. So using these bulbs instead of standard ones is more appropriate if you want to save electricity.

9. Switch.
Switching is also another quick and easy way to reduce your electricity bills.

10. Get the electricity monitor and find out the gadgets which are the biggest energy consumers.

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