Electric Saver 1200 – How does it work?

curious about the electric saver 1200 how does it work

Most of us have heard of electricity saving devices.  But, when referring to the brand, Electric Saver 1200  we have written just a post for you about: How Does It Work, as well as a quick video showing you what the talk is all about.  It’s a little box that is installed (by a handyman in about 20 minutes) into your electric panel that helps make your home more energy efficient and protects it from power spikes and surges.

Electric Saver 1200- How Does It Work?

Well it works like this.  By recycling energy that is normally wasted and feeding it back to your home’s motor, you only use the energy your home needs.  By doing so, you demand and use less from your power provider.  But why would you want to do that?  Everybody I know loves paying outrageously high power bills, right? Yeah, exactly.  You could be spending your hard earned dollars on something more important to you.  Whether it’s a new set of golf clubs, that weekend getaway you’ve been wanting to take, or just extra fundage for a rainy day, saving energy= more of what’s important to you.

Stop Wasting Electricity!

To get a little more technical, continue reading… or just watch the video below 🙂  When a motor in your home turns on, it demands energy from your energy provider, it order to send you enough, the provider rushes in current to your home or business.  The motor only needs a certain amount to run, the excess energy flows through your electrical wiring in your home and disperses in the form of heat and is wasted.  Even though residential customers don’t pay power factor penalties (businesses do!), they do pay for inefficient motors in their home like Central A/C systems and inefficient appliances! When installed, The Electric Saver grabs the excess energy that your home currently is wasting and feeds it back to the motors in your home so that you need to buy less from your power company.

So if you are sick and tired or high power bills, it’s time to do something about it.  Say yes to a more stress free life.  Say yes to more happiness.  We guarantee you will be so satisfied with the results of the Electric Saver 1200, we include a 1 year Money Back Guarantee!  That’s how strongly we believe we can help you save your money and the planet.  Get Yours Today!Get Yours Today!Learn how much you can save by living a greener life!

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