You won’t believe what YOUR Power Company has been doing…

I hope this post doesn’t immediately classify me as a conspiracy nut in your mind.  But, truth is, some things that are absolutely true are staring right in front of your face.  The signs are all there, but most just refuse to believe it… or they look the other way and pretend to not see it.  Here’s one of those things.  The US Dept of Energy has plainly stated that over a BILLION dollars of electricity is billed to consumers per year but is unused.  That’s a billion with a B! 

shocked about electricity billing

Now I don’t know about you, but that’s a big deal.  What do they mean it’s billed but unused?  Well, that’s like going to the grocery store and your bill is $200, but the cashier tells you its $250 and pockets the extra $50.  In the real world, that is called STEALING.  So, why is it ok for the Power Companies across the world to do it in mass scale?  Especially when regular folks have to work twice as hard nowadays just to raise a family.  Most families need both parents working just to be able to afford college for the kids.

inaccurate billing of energy is stealing

The power companies have spent hundred of millions of dollars on their grid to make it more efficient so they can profit more.  But, when it comes to making your home or business more efficient… or at least billing you correctly for what you ACTUALLY use, well they just aren’t willing to invest that type of money into it.  I mean, if they can just slide this little problem under the rug and keep pocketing your extra money every month, that’s ok right?

The sad part of all of this is that most don’t even know this is a problem.  The power company has done a great job in their PR department making their little tips to save energy well known.  But truth is the power companies make their bills so complicated and hard to understand that most don’t even question it and just hopelessly pay their bills.

Worried about electricity bills

I don’t know about you, but I have had enough.  I don’t want my power company to overbill me for energy I never even used.  I am not talking about penalty charges billed only to commercial facilities.  I am talking about the regular folks out there trying to make an honest living.  Old folks, young folks, hardworking folks.  It is not ok to operate business practices in an unethical manner.  But until, we all come together and clean up ethics in our society, no one is going to stop the power companies from continuing to pocket your money.

I am fighting back.  I have made my home as energy efficient as possible so that the power company doesn’t get 1 extra dime from me.  I also installed these units on my neighbors homes as well as every family member I have.   I want to help you too.  I don’t want you to have to pay 1 extra dime to your power company either.  I am talking about making the meter read your home or business’ usage more honestly.  And it’s totally legal for you to do it too. 

power company accurate billing

It’s like buying and installing a new refrigerator in your home, that’s totally legal to do. So yes, installing surge protection and power savers is legal too-(as long as you are installing on your side of the meter).  It’s just that the power company isn’t willing to spend money on it to do it for you.  I mean, that would cut their profit margins BIG TIME… and they can’t have that.  The Execs need their new Ferrari’s this quarter ya know?!?

So what are you going to do?  Are you going to keep hopelessly paying your power bill OR are you going to make them bill you honestly.  Are you going to go the extra mile and make your home as energy efficient as possible.  Knowing someone is pocketing my hard earned dollars is enough for me to take a stand.  What about you?

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