Easy Rules for Saving Electricity

Easy Rules for Saving ElectricityThe consumption of electricity is increasing every year due to the advancement in sophisticated technologies. Present day’s entertainments, comforts and basic necessities are all depended on the machinery products, which functions only with electricity. You might have realized the increasing amount of the electricity bill every month. Even the growth in the population is one of the factors for increasing electricity consumption. Saving Electricity is not a new notion, its been prevailing from years but no one cares. People misunderstand the concept of saving electricity, it’s not only about saving money but more importantly it’s about saving or preserving natural resources and ultimately saving our future. Lets discuss the top ten simple rules below that can help save electricity not only at home, but also at the office and businesses.

1) Electrical bulbs or lamps with higher wattage consume more electricity, replacing such bulbs with CFL or Compact Fluorescent Lamp saves electricity as it uses very less electricity and gives the same amount of visible light. It saves approximately about 75 percent of electricity and your electrical bill.

Unplug To Save Electricity2) Unplug all the electrical appliances and devices when they are not in use; Such as, Toasters, Rice cooker, Oven, Coffee maker, computer, laptop, television, etc. This saves a small amount of electricity which is consumed when they are turned off. Though the saving may sound to be a small quantity but it saves a lot when they are plugged in for many hours, days and sometimes even months.

3) Install Electric saver unit like Electricity saver 1200 to recycle and restore the unused and lost power. Usage of Electrical saver 1200 can cut down the electricity usage by 20 percent.

4) Turn off lights, Television, computers, fans and other electrical devices when you are not using it or when you leaving your room even just for a few moments. Though, we always tend to do the opposite but try your best not to forget and turn off everything while you’re leaving your room or when you’re not using it.

Electric Saver Unit5) Normally refrigerator and freezer runs 24 hours, so select the best rated refrigerator, per your budget, which consumes minimum electricity with efficient features.

6) Change Your Air-Conditioner’s air filter at least once in a three-month. This can save electricity up to 5 percent and also provide you with clean and healthy air.

7) Using of Microwave oven saves a lot of electricity instead of an ordinary and traditional oven. It saves 50 percent of electricity when compared to the traditional oven.

8) During the day make use of sunlight and reduce the usage of electricity. Keep your doors, vents and windows open during the day, but make sure you keep a guard on your house from burglars. This refreshes the air flow in your house as well as it makes your house warm and provides light.

9) Wear warm clothes like a sweater, jackets, sweat pants, hat and socks to keep you warm during the cold season instead of using room heating device which consumes a lot of electricity.

10) Avoid using Elevators and Escalators instead, use stairways to walk and improve your health and also save electricity.

These are the 10 simplest steps out of many, how you can save electricity. Though, it will certainly help you reduce your monthly electricity bill, but it will also make you feel proud of contributing something towards the preservation our beautiful planet.

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