Does It Cost A Lot Of Money To Save Electricity?

Save Electricity Save Mother EarthMerely a couple of centuries ago, we did not know what electricity was, but today we cannot live without it. We need it for our lights, fans, microwave ovens, coffee makers, blenders, toasters, vacuum cleaners, mopping appliances, floor polishers, irons, television sets, computers, refrigerators, air conditioners, mobile charges, heaters, geysers, and just about everything that we have created for making our lives comfortable. Our population numbers continue to climb, and with each new baby, we are assured of future demand for electricity. After all, death rates have come down drastically while birth rates have not. We also have electric cars now. On the whole, we have become power guzzlers, and we are not done as yet.

But the sources of power on earth are limited. We’ve used diesel to generate power, and we know that the stock of diesel is finite. We’ve used coal to create thermal power, and again, we know that not only are the coal mines getting exhausted, even the process of generating power from coal causes environmental pollution. This leaves us with hydroelectric power, and alternate energy sources such as wind power, and solar power. There is no way the power generated from these natural sources will be adequate for our existing demands, leave alone serve our future needs. We also know that generating power from nuclear fuels has inherent risks. In this scenario, it is imperative that we make efforts to save electricity and bring down our power consumption.

KVAR Electric Saver BoxOne way to do this is of course switching off the power consuming objects when we are not using the room. But we can supplement this effort of ours by using some power saver devices like the KVAR electric saver box, and Electric Saver 1200. Basically, these equipments are sophisticated capacitors. What such capacitors do is prevent excessive flow of power in lines, i.e., limit the flow of power in the line to exactly as much is necessary to run the equipments on that line. Thereafter, these capacitors recycle the surplus collected by them. This process not only prolongs the life of the electrical and electronic equipments by protecting them from power surges, but also saves electricity. Therefore people can save on the equipment cost as well as power bills. How much power is saved depends upon the equipments and the power line. Some people have saved almost 25 percent of their power bills using KVAR electric saver box.

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KVAR electric saver boxes are available for single phase electrical connections, as well as three phase connections. Usually people have single phase connections in their homes, while commercial establishments have three phase electrical connections.

Costs of these equipments vary as per the models, their capacities, and the number of units that can be plugged on to them. As of the date, these prices may the vary anywhere between $95 and $1050. This may seem a lot of investment initially, for saving the fraction of a power consumed by an electrical appliance like the refrigerator or air conditioner. But in the long run this equipment more than pays for itself.

Think Conserve EnergyElectric Saver 1200 comes with a warranty of 20 years, which indicates the durability of the product. Therefore, savings after recovering the initial cost of power saver will be there for an almost lifetime. Moreover, it is possible to change the equipments, subject to the overall limit of the capacitor in the KVAR electric saver box.

Electric saver 1200 is available in two capacities for commercial usage. These three phase electricity savers are for establishments that consume 200 amperes and others that consume about 400 amperes. Prices of these electric savers vary as per their capacity. As of date, the Electric saver 1200 for 200 amperes is available for $250, while that for 400 amperes is available for $300.

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