Dirty fuels exported elsewhere still do damage, Obama

The United States has reduced carbon pollution more in the last five years under the Obama administration than any other nation – roughly 475 million tons. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Unfortunately it’s a false image – much of what we’re reducing is simply being exported elsewhere.

Dirty fuel, fuel more carbon-laden than the U.S. allows, is being sent to places like Panama where it’s being used in cars, trucks, and boats with little regulation. Analysis estimates U.S. fuel exports have released more than 1 billion tons of carbon pollution into the atmosphere, completely negating the reductions here at home.

It makes me sick to my stomach. The only reason I can think for this happening comes back to the almighty dollar. We have excess, dirty fuel we can’t use because the emissions are too high, so why not sell it to another country to be pumped into the atmosphere?

Here’s a great reason why not. We all live on this planet, and what happens to it affects all of us. No, we’re not ready to release our slippery grip on fuel oil yet and it will remain a staple in energy production for some time, but backwards thinking like this is helping no one.

I am so disappointed.

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