Different Energy Conservation Techniques

Energy Conservation Techniques and TipsIntroduction

Source of energy is a fundamental resource that one must have at home. In most cases, the source of energy commonly used in various homesteads is electricity. Perhaps, there are other sources. The amount of energy consumed must be paid to the relevant body in charge of its supply, weekly, monthly, or even prepayment (use of smartcard). Therefore, energy should be conserved and used properly without undue wastage to reduce on the cost and improve energy efficiency. Hence, there are several ways of doing that, some are simple and easy to implement while others demands for proper planning and some costs has to be initially incurred.

The Different Energy Conservation Techniques:

Light SavingDo away with incandescent bulbs:
Some of the bulbs available in the market are actually inefficient. This is because only 10% of electrical energy is converted to light while 90% is turned into heat. This is more evident in incandescent light bulbs. Therefore, it is advisable to replace the above with efficient bulbs energy saving bulbs that are environmental friendly.

Turn off all electrical devices when not in use:
Normally, most people do not turn off their electrical appliances when not in use due ignorance, while others may forget. This will consume more energy at long run with no economic output. Therefore, it is highly advisable that one turn off the lights in a room when you leave. Switch off your radio, television, etc., when nobody is using it.

All the air leaks in the rooms should be sealed:
This case happens when the weather is cold or hot. For instance, when it is cold, one has to switch on the room heater to make the house warm. However, the room may remain cold despite the heater being on. This indicates that there must be some leaks in the room that allows cold air in. This is a waste of energy, and a solution has to be sorted for. Therefore, one should consider sealing all those leaks. Professional energy audit or owner of the house can do this.

Lower TemperatureConsider lowering the room temperature:
This is a common case in cold regions where the room has to be regulated based on some control mechanism set on temperature sensors. That is, the room has set minimum and maximum values of temperature to switch on the air conditioners and heaters. Therefore, to save on energy consumption, one can lower the room temperature by certain amount of degrees, and wear warm clothes.

Consider to use energy-efficient electrical appliances:
When one is buying electrical appliances, he/she should be keen on the power consumption of that device. Devices that use more power should be avoided. In addition, it is advisable to use other source of energy to do daily activities at home like using a gas cooker rather than cooking using electricity, and so on. Sometimes there is a waste of energy due electric surge by most of the electrical appliances. To save on this, one is advised to use electric saver 1200 product that works absolutely good.

Get advice from an energy auditor:
This professional will guide one on various ways of conserving energy. He/she carries out test on different appliances and advice accordingly. Moreover, he/she checks whether the house is leaking energy or not. Therefore, one now is able to optimize his/her house on various ways to save and conserve energy.

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From the above stated ways, I believe that if one follows them to the later, he/she will have cut down most of unnecessary cost due to energy conservation.

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