Determine How Does Recycling Save Energy

Save-MoneyRecycling is a significant way of saving energy. It primarily saves energy because it minimizes the need of extraction and refining of natural resources. For several materials, the energy required for recycling is less than the energy that is needed to start making it from scratch i.e. after including the energy needed for sorting and collection of the recycled materials.

The following are some examples of the materials and the amount of energy that is saved when it is recycled.

When aluminum is recycled,95 percent of energy required to manufacture aluminum from bauxite ore is saved. By recycling of one tone of aluminum can, you can save up to 207 million of Btu. In the year 2010, 85,000 million tons of aluminum were recycled. This led to saving of more than 1.3 quadrillion energy. This is approximately equal to 229 million barrels of oil.

Paper can also save energy by recycling. The paper used for making newspapers can be recycled. By recycling that paper, you can use only 55 percent of energy needed to manufacture directly from wood and the other raw materials required for manufacturing the paper.

Plastic bottles
Most of the plastic bottles are manufactured from polyethylene terephthalate plastic abbreviated as PET. Since it can be a hard to recycle the plastics in to new bottles, the polyethylene terephthalate can be recycled into several plastic products. This is done by use of 33 percent of energy required to manufacture a new plastic.

When class is recycled 20 percent of energy used in the manufacture of a new class is saved. This is a small saving of energy as compared to other materials that I have stated early. However, when massive amount of glass is used, reasonable amount energy is saved.

This is a way of recycling organic resources for example kitchen scraps and yard waste. This compost is important since it can be converted into fertilizer. The backyard compost minimizes the lost of energy by the reduction of the amount of garbage that are accumulated thus making the environment to be dirty.

Electric power saver
Apart from saving energy through recycling, electric saving also part of the savings that need to be considered. The Electric Saver 1200 was created to assist in reduction of the electric bill. This product can also extend the life of your appliances; take care of your house, business premises and any other commercial appliances. This does this work by preventing power surges and spikes.

There is a tool that is used to approximate the amount of energy that you can save if you recycled certain products. This tool was developed by EPA. The name of the tool is called individual waste reduction model. This is a tool which calculates the amount of energy saved by recycling of products such as bottles, glass, magazines, grocery bags, and cans. This

tool show how long the savings is able to power diverse electrical appliances.
As seen from the above examples, it is important to recycled used materials.

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This will assist in preventing from the waste. In addition to that, the significant amount of energy is saved.

by Glenn Hough, CEO Electric Saver 1200


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