The Cool, New Looks Of Safety Gear

Our trade is not one that values fashion. In fact, the construction industry as a whole is not known for its fashion sense. And why would we be? We do real jobs where what we wear has a purpose beyond looking “good”. What we do value is function. For years, though, the protective equipment we’ve had to wear- though good at saving lives- has made the job more difficult then it needed to be. Our gloves often don’t leave us much dexterity, and the rest has been bulky and awkward.
The companies that make out protective gear have been listening though. Recently, newer gloves able to take the kind of punishment we need them to have been developed that give you a lot more of your dexterity, and the overcoats and pants being developed are lighter and more flexible. These new advances save lives, as we all have, at one point or another, rolled up sleeves or taken off a layer to not sweat to death. Not only is our protective gear getting lighter, it will also be more effective long term.
Oh, and did I mention is might look kinda cool?
Check out the details on how the new protective equipment is coming along and how to maintain the stuff you got here: Cool Tools: Personal Protective Equipment.

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