Controlling Your Lighting

As we go further down this road of energy conservation and efficiency we see a lot of new and exciting developments in the industry. Renewable sources, more efficient batteries and bulbs, and new systems of delivering power are all changing the game. Lighting control is another area where there’s been great development, and it’s one many people forget.
Occupancy settings have been popping up everywhere now, and it’s a great way to automatically save on power. Occupancy settings work by basically shutting down or dimming the lights when no one is in a room or an area, and while this strategy has been seen more in commercial buildings, it’s starting to pop up in private homes as well. Time scheduling is seeing a rise as well, turning on the power when it is estimated that it will be dark. Once again, while this strategy was once used in commercial buildings and outdoors, it is seeing more use in private homes. Another method of lighting control is daylight harvesting, which auto dims lights based on a set level need, so lights dim on and off as more or less light is available from other sources.
By using these, as well as other methods, we can ensure we are setting ourselves up for energy conservation success. See more here-

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