Computer Consumption

Nearly everyone has some form of computer, and most people still have standing PC’s. Businesses have a lot of computers typically. All of these computers take energy. Duh, right? But how much energy do they take? The fact is, most people and businesses don’t realize how much energy these are using up.
A study done about computer energy usage revealed that pretty much everyone simply allows sleep mode, that automatic thing that happens when you let the computer stay idle long enough, take care of energy saving for them. The fact is, this isn’t enough. These modes don’t sane anywhyere near as much power as people think. The results of this, and another study, showed that computers are only actually off and not sucking up a ton of energy (and money) about 5% of the time. That’s it.
How does this apply to us? Well, when taking care of a client- whether it’s a business or in a home- we can tell them this and help them explore options on how to save energy and money. Read more about it here: Computers Use More Energy Than Previously Thought.

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