Climate Change: What We Know Vs. What We Don’t

Climate Change

There has never been a debate over whether or not the climate is changing. After all, we’ve been coming out of an ice age for thousands of years. We know glaciers used to cover parts of the Northern U.S. and all of Canada – it’s obvious the climate is warming. No, the debate isn’t about climate change; it’s about man-made climate change, and what the implications of that could mean for us and our future.


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The facts are available for those who want them. Climate scientists have measured the increase in atmospheric CO2 levels and the increase in planet temperature, and we know that these things have happened more quickly since the industrial revolution. The signs point to us humans as a potential factor. What we don’t know is how this dramatic increase will affect us and our planet – that’s all an educated guess.

Some people pushing for climate change initiatives are painting a horror story that may never come to pass, and there are climate change deniers spreading the idea that there’s nothing we can do about the warming and/or that these changes won’t have any detrimental effects.

We all need to start admitting that we don’t know as much as we think we do, take the facts for what they are, and act appropriately.

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