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Data Centers- Double-edged Swords

Data centers which house computers and servers are by their nature inefficient energy hogs. The sheer heat they produce combined with the cool temperatures they need make them a power hog sucking up unbelievable amounts of energy. However, because of data centers need for power, and our need of data centers, they have become a source of considerable energy innovation in recent years.
More efficient HVAC systems are coming around in part due to the demand for them from data centers with applications that reach far beyond their initial need source. Because of the energy draw they’ve also been designing servers that can operate at higher temperatures, with some centers redesigning with the aim of being able to run at 85 degrees. Energy storage solutions are also being developed, as data centers store gigawatts of energy the need for cooler, more efficient storage has led some to innovate the process. There, of course, the usual obstacles to innovation, such as cost, but what data centers are doing has an effect on electrical contractors as we are seeing a new field open up in the industry- data center specialists.
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