Big Business Dropping Off The Grid

While being “off the grid” is still a long way away, it seems big businesses have found a way to make microgrids of their own.
It’s starting in Silicon Valley. Apple’s new headquarters will be one of the first using this “off the gird” system. Basically they are going to be developing enough solar and wind energy to be “off the gird” and then are relying on another company- Imergy Power Systems- who will store the excess energy produced that can provide the power in low or absent production times. This is the microgrid system that a lot of businesses are aiming to establish and they say, as soon as it’s more affordable, individuals can start making this kind of system work for them as well.
The company providing this microgrid service is says that this new system will break the hold that utilities have on people and businesses. Of course, if we still have to rely on storage companies, it seems like trading one grid for another.
For more about the new system read the full article here: Why Electricity May be the Biggest Opportunity on the Planet.

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