Best Energy Conservation Techniques To Save Power in Home

Saving on consumption of power is definitely a win-win situation for you. Your every step towards saving energy, be it switching off the power when not in use to using best energy saver at home and offices, is going to add more money to your bank account. Your efforts towards energy saving can only start with your strong strand on saving every bit of unwanted energy. This however does not mean that you deny yourself with the basic requirement of electricity and torture yourself. You can start avoiding the wastage of electricity by following energy conservation techniques that are sure to bring drastic reductions in your energy bills.

Turn off switches
Your drive towards energy saving must start with the very simple and do-able efforts of turning off the switches of the electric appliances when not in use. Believe it or not, more than 6 per cent of our total energy consumption is accounted from our bad habit of leaving the electric devices turned on even when they are not in use. Our sheer negligence is exemplified in cases when we leave some of the most used appliances like microwave, oven, toasters etc switched on even after hours of their use.

Use energy saver appliances 
Energy saver appliances are those which use less energy and give the same energy output as other normal appliances. The best energy saver appliance is the one which effectively works towards reducing the wastage of energy by regulating its electricity input. Now, the market is flooded with thousands of electric devices claiming to be good energy savers. However, it is ideal to purchase only those products that carry the tag of Energy Star® label. The presence of this tag means that the product is safe to use and true to its claim of saving energy. It is important to note that these energy saving devices may be a wee bit costly than their counterparts, however, the former ensures long term savings for you. The product which has been most appreciated recently for its great energy saving features is Energy Saver 1200.

Seal all the air leaks
It is a well observed fact that the major share in our energy bill is contributed by the prolonged usage of air conditioners during summer and heaters during winter. In order to cut down their usage, make sure that your room is properly sealed. Look for cracks or gaps that may let the air within your room to leak outside. Leeks are most commonly found in the corners of the room, doors and windows.Fill up those cracks and make it leak proof to stop the air from leaking out of as well as into your room. If this task seems too huge to you, then, it is ideal to hire an expert energy auditor to let him find out all the problem areas that needs to be well closed. Doing this can actually save a good ten percent from your total electricity bill.

Your conscious efforts for saving electrical energy will not only save some perks for you but also contribute towards a greener world.

Make an action NOW! Use one of the effective ways of reducing power consumption.

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by Glenn Hough, CEO Electric Saver 1200


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