EASY Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills! #4 May Surprise You…

Brought to you By: Electric Saver 1200 Getting effective ways to reduce our power bills and help conserve the earth is our mission.  Read on for 4 easy tips you can implement right away…

The Benefits of Saving Electricity

Preserving electricity features a broad arrange of benefits:

1) Eco-friendly houses: By preserving electricity, property owners could make their more efficient.

Energy-Efficient-Products2) Lower power bills: By using electricity saving devices, there exists a significant reduction associated with power usage and reduced power bills which may be really economical over any period of time.

3) Protecting Earth’s Natural Resources: By adapting a more environmental friendly lifestyle we are able to reduce the world  electrical power consumption  which leads to decreased burning associated with non-renewable fuels.


#4 Tips to Preserving electricity in your house

There are numerous methods by which you are able to preserve electricity in your house:

1) Utilize solar hot water heaters — Heating drinking water consumes an extremely wide range of electrical power which may be reduced through switching to solar to run hot water heaters.

2) Surge Protectors – Electricity Saving Devices which protect your home from power surges will prevent you from having to replace your refrigerator, washer, dryer, or Central A/C system if your home is ever hit with a power surge.

3) High efficiency Central A/C & Heating — By changing your old Central A/C & Heating system to a more high efficiency system, you will use less energy and lower your electrical power expenses.

electric saver box4) Purchase an Electric Saver 1200–  By adding this electricity saving device to your existing Central A/C system or Heat Pump, you can save the huge expense of replacing your system and make it more efficient with an Electric Saver.  It reduces the energy that your system uses and recycles it back to it when it needs it so you require less from your power company every month.  Watch our Video Now for more info!


Get the Benefits TODAY!


tips for energy efficient home

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