Benefits of PFC Equipment Electric Saver 1200

Power Factor Sine WavePower factor correction equipment essentially helps businesses to use energy more efficiently by reducing waste. It optimizes the power consumption by reducing significantly the hidden costs of inductive loads and motors. A low power factor implies higher running costs and KVA demands which can be corrected by installation of pfc equipment. This goes a long way to ensure, most of the power goes into productive use other than waste.

It is paramount to note that, the lower your power factor, the more you pay for power you do not need. This comes about since, any electricity load with a low power factor will draw more current than required thus putting an unnecessary strain on electricity distribution. By installing pfc equipment, you will thus reap the benefit of lower monthly bills. Further, low power factor reduces the distribution capacity of your electrical system. It can lead to voltage drops and power losses which in turn may lead to failure of motors or other equipments through overheating. By lowering electrical demand, improving stability and efficiency, the pfc equipment will help you avoid costly infrastructure upgrades.

PFC Equipment InstallationBenefits of installing pfc equipment

Despite the fact that it reduces your electricity costs with up to 15%, it also helps reduce carbon emissions by the same percentage making it an environmentally friendly venture. Further, it will help you reduce on maintenance, repair and replacement costs of motors and other equipments. The pfc equipment does this by significantly increasing the lifespan of the motors and other lighting equipments which will be a big relief on the maintenance costs. Additionally, it also reduces capacity charges and electricity peak demands while simultaneously protecting your power equipment from power surges which may prove to be costly.

PFC Equipment

With a typical payback of around one to three years which mostly comes from power savings alone, the pfc equipment also protects the sensitive equipments from damage by the harmonic distortions effects. Furthermore, the equipment comes with a five year warranty with an expected lifespan of about twenty years. This will give you a maintenance free operation which is both efficient and has a financial soft spot for your business. It is definitely a worthwhile investment that will eventually give you more than you paid for.
There are numerous manufacturers and distributors of pfc equipment but getting the right manufacturer is also critical. You want an equipment that is not only affordable, but efficient and with a significant lifespan. One such equipment is the Electric Saver 1200 which is a mix of both.

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