Does your Business have this in place? Your future is at stake.

Attention business owners!  If your business has at least 2 employees, you need someone to be accountable for using your resources efficiently. Having staff means that it’s not just you making the decisions in your company.  Whether you like it or not, you cannot do everything in your business if you want it to be successful and expand without you in it.  That means other people will be making decisions on your behalf. 

Worried about electricity bills

Hiring the right people to be on your team, well that’s a given.  But do you have someone who is in charge of energy management in your company? Do you even have a plan to teach your staff how to properly use your equipment and be efficient with your resources?

With increasing energy bills coming over the next three years, you should put your attention in this area. How much will energy bills be in the next 5-10 years?  No one knows, but the best thing you can do right now for you & your loved ones is to take action.  By reducing your energy consumption, you can fight back!

  • Start At the Basics

Adopting certain measures without investing heavily would be a good starting point.  Make sure your investment, no matter what energy saving product/or measure you do will be a good return on your investment.  How long does the product last compared to the cost? Does it require any maintenance?  What is the total cost vs. savings to implement such a project?  These are important questions.  And don’t forget to account for electricity rate hikes in the future too!

Power Factor Correction Steps

  • Educate and Motivate

Create awareness among employees to cultivate new power saving habits.  This will help in saving energy. Maintaining energy economy and keeping in mind its importance will, largely depend on educating the concerned people on the subject. Conducting programs that motivate the staff to carry out the functions of energy saving will give positive results in a large way. This represents one kind of measure taken towards energy saving without much investment.

  • Identify the Root Cause of Energy Consumption

Whether you are assessing your home based business or a larger business property, this is important.  No property or business is the same.  A proper survey of high-energy consumption areas will help pinpoint so you can take necessary action to control them. Certain work places could require huge lighting, while others have a lot of refrigeration or motor driven equipment.  Assessing WHAT is costing YOU the most money will help you lower your costs fast.

  • Have a plan in place

Everything starts with a plan in place, and practice makes perfect. Your rewards and benefits will follow.  Even with the worst plan in place, it is better than NO plan.

  • A Dedicated Manager

A company that is serious in energy saving must appoint a dedicated manager to this function, and his/her responsibility would be to support and check that all activities are functioning without wasting energy. Such dedication alone can affect efficient saving of energy.  Giving the manager &/or staff bonuses/treats/parties/gifts for accomplishing simple goals in the workplace makes everyone on the team jump onboard and help oversee that the overall target is achieved.

  • Good Suppliers are a Rarity, Choose with Care!

Whether purchasing something for your home or business, always check if the supplier is a reliable, trustworthy source.  Professional companies that have UL safety certification, BBB accreditation, many happy customers, and safe/consistent quality products are a must. This tells the tale of how they have done business in the past, as well as, can they handle the size project your business needs without any problems?

  • Capital

Though, it can sometimes be tough to get financial help from the banks, you could rely on the carbon trust, associated with Siemens Financial Services, to invest on any energy-saving project.

  • Learn from others

ReviewsIt is good to read about other energy-saving projects, and adopt the useful features in them to your system to save time on research and to avoid making mistakes in implementing your own project.  This is called due diligence and is easy with Google nowadays.

  • Reputation Building

Celebrate Earth Day by Learning About Alternative Energy SourcesThe world is closely watching those who are serious about reducing carbon footprints. Trust and respect are two important rewards for your involvement and results in this arena.  But aside from that, there are many other benefits to your company as well as the planet for using less energy.  If you look at your business in 10 years, what does it look like?  Is it expanding, contracting?  Are you able to retire comfortably?  By implementing measures to reduce your energy costs, this can mean the difference between comfortable and unbearable.  Take action now, visit our site for more info:

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