Adapting To Automation

The automation movement is here. Sometimes called “the internet of things” the demand for power control and wireless connectivity to everything that’s happening in one’s home is an absolute of the industry now.
The demand for the automation of one’s home started off as a ridiculous idea for bachelor pads, but since sustainability has become so big, and people are more worried about energy costs, the idea of controlling lighting, hear, air, etc. from anywhere has made it a dream come true for the rich and middle class alike. In fact, a recent survey in Better Homes And Gardens found that 84% of new homeowners are looking for automation in new builds.
Because of the demand, developers are hiring electricians who know how to wire these systems. So new builds are demanding, old builds are demanding it to be installed, and now automation has become less of a thing of the future or a novelty. Now, automation is something we cannot afford to ignore.
See more about automation and how it’s taking over the industry here: Automation Expectation.

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