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Photovoltaic Solar PanelsSolar vs. Power Factor Correction

Photovoltaic solar panels come in a variety of wattage capacity and are designed for supplying your home electrical power. In general, solar panels are categorized according to the rated power output given in watts. The wattage rating refers to the amount of energy that one solar panel can generate in a peak sunlight hour. One main technical challenge that needs to be overcome when dealing with photovoltaic installation, regardless of the configurations, is the appropriate sizing of the power system so as to meet the household demands.

One of the components that is needed in installation of a solar power system is a solar array disconnect system. Basically, this is an electrical switch that is an important element of this system. It allows one to disconnect and cut off the DC power output from the solar panels as well as the array should any repairs be needed or in case there is an issue with the solar power system. The disconnect switch has to be sturdy enough to handle full power output from the solar panels on a bright and sunny day. To estimate the solar array size that is appropriate for your power system, you will need to separate the calculated overall watt-hours by the peak hours to get the full wattage of the solar panels which you need. This figure can be adjusted to make up for the cloudy days.

Electric Saver 1200 Dealer PackageThe total consumption of power is pegged on the actual electricity use and the leakages from electrical circuits and appliances as a result of inefficiencies. Many appliances around the house are motorized and so they will draw heavy current when operating with most of the power being used to run the motor. A good percentage of it leaks out through induction to the other electrical components which are plugged in the electrical circuit. The use of a power factor calculator correction device such as Electric Saver 1200 corrects this negative situation and thereby reducing the total electricity consumption.

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Electric Saver 1200 is one of the finest power correction devices. This device is highly acknowledged for being able to cut down on the overall electricity consumption. The use of a power saving equipment is appropriate for residential and commercial use and has seen energy savings of as high as 25% on the power consumption. Another benefit of using this device is that it reduces line noise and wave interference caused by leakage of current in and out of the electrical circuit.

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