A Fight For Fair Wages

Wage theft, unsafe working conditions, and not giving benefits due have become practices all too common in businesses lately, and many of the companies that use these awful practices have been receiving government contracts. The Obama administration though is finally taking a stand against companies like this. Which is good news considering that one in ten federal contractors failed to pay overtime to their employees and forced them to work off the clock, and 35% of federal contractors violated BOTH wage and safety laws. In an amazing turn of events, both Republicans and Democrats supported the amendment. The most common forms of wage stealing are not paying overtime, not paying minimum wage, not paying out the last paycheck, or simply NOT PAYING AT ALL.
Previous to this, known violators of wage and safety laws had received large contracts from the government and nothing was being done to fix it. “Even repeated and serious violations of federal labor laws… do not factor into contracting decisions,” said U.S. senator Tom Harkin, who wrote the study on contractor violations.
Finally, something is being done. Read more about this below-

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