What Your Power Company Isn’t Telling You!

Whether you have researched the effect rising energy rates costs us all or not, you may be surprised at what you find out in this article.  I’m here to tell you what ISN’T being discussed.  Why is it that power companies can spend millions on making their power grids more efficient (so they can provide power to more customers and profit more), yet don’t spend the same money ensuring your property is as energy efficient as it could be?  They could easily spend millions making better more accurate meters but they don’t- This includes the new “smart” meters too! Why is that?

rising cost of electricity

Why is it that power companies bill you based on meters set at the fundamental frequency- 60Hz (or 50Hz if you live outside USA), yet many things in your home cause the meter to read inaccurately (this is from harmonics as mentioned below in the Power Quality Guide by Ontario Hydro).  For this reason, the power company bills you inaccurately.  Don’t believe me on this one?  See the picture below.  It was taken directly out of Ontario Hydro’s Power Quality manual actually stating this.


So why couldn’t this “little” problem be corrected by creating more accurate meters that have harmonic correctors already built into them?  Everyone could be billed accurately and everyone could live happily ever after.  Here’s why: It would mean they would have to admit, that they have been inaccurately billing their customers by the trillions over the past 75 years!  And that would NOT be such a little problem to deal with on their part. 

Instead they make little helpful PR campaigns on how to reduce our energy usage and pretend it’s not an issue.  They make power bills complicated to read and understand so that you don’t question them.  They are the authority after all.

You know deep down something isn’t quite right but you can’t put your finger on it. 

So what can you do?  First, you can take charge and do something about it.  Inform and educate yourself online.  Give yourself a pat on that back because that’s what you are doing right now!

Second, you can get a power corrector installed on your home so that YOU aren’t being inaccurately billed anymore.  Why wait for the power company to build it into their meter when it’s already available to you?  You can stop this madness.  I know I hate getting high electricity bills, don’t you?  And before you say, yeah but do they really work? Check out the reviews for this particular Electric Saver 1200 device.  Many have tried to copycat, but few can stay in business and get excellent results.  It comes with a 1 year satisfaction money back guarantee.  You see results or your money back. 

Why does this particular device work?  Because Electric Saver 1200 cares about getting you results.  That’s the only thing that matters.  We will actually take the time to ensure you aren’t paying 1 more dime more than you should on your power bills.  angry about power bill

So unless you like slaving away every day only to give it to the power company execs- for energy you didn’t even use, take action now.  Sock it to them where it really hurts, their wallet!  Watch the video below to see how this little bad boy can help you…

 To get yours today, visit: http://www.electricsaver1200.com

Get Power Saver

How else can you fight back?

Thirdly, you can fight back by taking more action today.  By lowering your energy usage and making your home as energy efficient as possible, you are using only what you need from your power company.  I say this 3rd because if your meter isn’t billing you correctly in the first place, the results you see from the steps below won’t be realized fully.  Here’s a helpful infographic to get started.

15 ways to lower energy bills

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