Our 15 Favorite Energy Blogs

The world wide web has a lot to offer in a wide variety of categories. This is of course true for energy, particularly clean energy and energy efficiency. As these subjects are so important to our future and the well-being of this planet (our only home!) we’ve decided to honor other blog sites that dedicate themselves to this area. From important energy news, to finding ways you can help, to information about new clean energy advancements, these are our 15 favorite blog sites!

The Energy Collective

Featuring carefully edited and handpicked content, this one-stop blog features posts from top industry professionals in the subjects of climate, energy, alternative energy and politics. If you ever want to know the latest news in any area of the energy industry, then chances are that you’ll find it here.


Your Energy Blog

Looking for energy news and information presented in a way that anyone can easily understand? Your Energy Blog has a wealth of concise and interesting articles, infographics and lists that will not only quench your thirst for knowledge, but also give you practical data that you can use to improve your own energy efficiency.


Student Energy

Powered by young and eco-conscious minds, Student Energy is a place where youth can learn and discuss important energy topics. All of their information is verified and unbiased which is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise “opinion heavy” field. Our future industry professionals will no doubt come from such “think-tank” communities such as this one.


The Green Energy Blog

Fueled by an undying dedication to a green-energy future, The Green Energy Blog keeps us up-to-date with posts about clean energy advancements both in and out of this world. With a penchant for championing solar, wind and other renewable energy tech, you’ll always find the latest on the green energy front.


American Council On Renewable Energy

Talk about dedication! This site not only publishes loads of renewable energy information, but is also (and primarily) committed to getting America on track with renewable energy. As their mission statement says: ACORE, a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization, is dedicated to building a secure and prosperous America with clean, renewable energy. We need more organizations like you guys out there!


Growing Green Cities

Alliance To Save Energy

When it comes to energy efficiency, there’s no other site on the web that’s as focused on it as tightly as ATSE. They’re not satisfied with sticking to the internet to raise awareness, they hold events, awards and even help in connecting people with programs to really make a difference. ATSE, we salute you!


Energy Saving Trust

This UK based site is all about helping individual families and business learn how to save energy. With all of the tips and other good advice on their site, we know that they are helping to make a difference. They also offer a comprehensive table of various energy costs which can really help people make smart decisions about efficiency upgrades.


American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

Focusing on a different side of energy efficiency, the ACEEE works to promote energy efficiency as a means of improving the American economy. Aside from posting the latest news in energy efficiency, they also do extensive research into the field and have been a major player since 1980.


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Green Energy Blog

If you’re trying to stay informed on the latest green energy advances, then the Green Energy Blog has you covered. They publish articles about the most popular types of clean, alternative energy as well as have a nice selection of DIY projects to make your own green energy devices.


Energy Refuge

This blog has been pumping out environmentally friendly content since 2006. They cover everything about alternative and environmentally friendly energy, from technological advances to governmental issues.



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Together We Save

Here’s a blog dedicated to helping you save on electricity. With a wealth of tips and general information, their readers have been enjoying a supply of electrical know-how helping them to save on energy. Whether you’re looking for a few tips for summer savings or how to apply for tax breaks for efficiency, they have you covered.


Energy Outlook


This one is a must for energy industry professionals. Drawing upon the experience of an industry leader, Energy Outlook covers the big picture, giving insights and information from the very source of energy, and also out towards its future. While not for casual readers, if you want in-depth information about the industry, you’ll only find it here.


Class 5 Energy

Most of the energy use today is consumed not by individuals, but by businesses, schools and other organizations. Taking this to heart and doing something about it, Class 5 Energy not only blogs, but also provides detailed instructions for saving energy and money in one’s own organization. Leading by example, these guys are exceptional!


Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Working as a driving force to raise awareness and rally people to the cause, SACE works tirelessly to ensure a clean energy future for all. More than just a blog, this is a movement dedicated to guaranteeing that clean energy has it’s day in the sun. If you want to get involved in helping to push clean energy, this is definitely the place that can get you started.


Alternative Energy Action Now

Keeping up with alternative energy news and giving passionate insight, AEAN provides answers to questions about global warming, energy storage and other frequently debated topics. Want to learn about 7 forms of alternative energy? Click the link just below.



Congratulations to all of the above bloggers and teams! We hope to see more of your work and dedication in the future. Together, we can all help to make a difference in the world of energy. Keep it up!

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