10 Energy Saving Tips For Home

Simple Ways To Save EnergyEnergy saving in our homes is as important as using the

energy itself. There are several ways of how to save energy in our homes:

1.The first tip starts with us which is switching off gadgets and equipment that are not used at that time. These include the lights during the day or those that are not being used during the night for example those in the bathroom and toilet.

2.Secondly, is by use of electric saver 1200. By storing the electricity that would be otherwise lost especially from motors, the electric saver 1200 will cut down the power drawn from these utilities. The device cuts the power bill up to even 25% depending on the KVAR definition of the electric saver 1200.

3.The third tip of saving energy is by insulating heaters for example the water heater and also the storage tanks for storing water. This will reduce the amount of heat lost by hot water hence requiring continuous heating which in turn helps in conservation of energy.

Save On Energy4. It is also recommended that we replace refrigerators after some time. This will help reduce the energy consumption by the refrigerator as old refrigerators use more energy than the new ones. The refrigerator should be kept clean at all times, free of dust especially on the coils.

5.It is also advisable to use energy saving bulbs for lighting such as the fluorescent light bulbs last that use about 75% less energy than other bulbs.

6.During summer, one can reduce the energy used for air conditioning usage by making sure that the thermostat settings are higher for it to use less energy, hence reducing the energy usage. By also making sure that the houses are well ventilated, this will also reduce the use of fans and air conditioners. In a winter, reduce heating by adding at most 3% for each degree when temperature goes above 68 degree Fahrenheit needed for heating.

7.Sealing the leaks to weatherize the house is also recommended. This is achieved in various ways for example for windows and doors weather stripping can be done around them while the stationery pieces like the chimneys should be sealed with caulk. To prevent the breeze from entering under the exterior door, a rolled towel can be placed under the door.

8.Understanding how energy is used in your home also helps in reducing the energy usage. In this case it is recommended one device an energy plan for example, for heating and cooling should not exceed 48% while lighting should be less than 12%.

KVAR Definition9. For laundry works, it is recommended that one uses full load for the washing machine. This will ensure that the assignment is not repeated that would otherwise require more energy being used. It is good to do cold water wash as hot water wash leads to more energy usage. During dry season, instead an of a dryer, a clothesline can be used to dry the clothes.

10. Another way of reducing energy usage is by making sure that the furnace filters are always clean by cleaning or replacing them regularly because heating ability is greatly affected by rust and dirt thus increasing energy usage.

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