Ever Lost a Week’s Worth Of Groceries & $2000 Bucks? Check This Out.

With energy rates rising, it is a great idea to look for ways to save electricity on your home.   No one likes to pay outrageous electricity bills.  Am I right?  But how do you go about lowering electricity bills when you barely understand the bill to begin with, much less how to assess what things in the home are costing you the most?


Electrical equipment in your house can be very inefficient and some energy hogs are responsible for 50% of your high energy bills. Your energy provider is not concerned with the inefficiency of your equipment, and ruthlessly bills you for the wasted energy.  Why do I take this position.  It is because they are using technology on their power grid to make it more efficient and increase their profit margins. 

BUT the power provider doesn’t take the initiative to help their customers actually use less energy.  Sure they have their nice little PR campaigns about switching out light bulbs (which is only 5-10% of your bills so it really won’t even make a dent.)  Why?  It’s like asking your local grocery store owner to show you how to buy less groceries.  It is NOT in their best interest to do so.

Why would your power company spend millions of dollars just so their customers could purchase less from them and put them out of business? 

I know it’s not moral or ethical, but this is happening around us every day.  Robber sues homeowner for breaking into her house!  Commercials on TV stating, this medication will help you lose weight, and then the rest of the commercial is about all the horrible side effects you may see from taking medication.  It is up to us as the end user, to look at all the information and seek alternative arguments.  It is up to us to make our own judgements based on our own specific situation we are going through in our lives.  Thus I digress, back to my position on your power company.  Why would they put themselves in a position to cut their profit margins?

So, what do you do?  The first step is to educate yourself on what’s impacting your power bills.  Researching the internet is an excellent way to do your due diligence.  The below infographic gives you an idea on how to get started on the basics.

But notice, the above image is just a brief overview of basic things to do in your home.  If you really want to tackle the big energy hogs in your home, look to your large motor driven appliances such as your Central A/C, Heat Pump system, Swimming Pool Pump Motors & large appliances (like washer/dryers/refrigerators/freezers/etc).  This is what REALLY costs you on your power bill.  Instead of going out and purchasing all top of the line energy efficient equipment, what if there was a way to make them more energy efficient without spending thousands of dollars?  That is rarely discussed.  But it is possible.

The Electric Saver 1200 is a box that helps motor driven appliances in your home or business be more energy efficient by recycling wasted energy.  Whether you purchase an old refrigerator or a new one, the only way your power company knows how much energy to bill you for is by what the appliance actual uses.  By installing this little box on your property, you can make the motors in your home operate MUCH more efficiently so that YOU aren’t billed an arm and a leg just for washing clothes and running your A/C.

hot sweaty no a/c working

But, why stop there?  Have you ever come home from a hard day at work and realized the new TV you just bought for Christmas isn’t working?  And then you go into the kitchen to grab a cold drink and the fridge is out too… along with all your groceries for the week spoiling?  That smell, ugh!  I know I am not alone on this one when I say-  It sucks!

You do a little more digging and it turns out, your home had a power surge while you were slaving away at work.  Can you call the power company and demand they replace your TV and refrigerator?  Good luck with that.  Most likely they will say you should’ve had surge protection equipment on your home to protect yourself.  Well that doesn’t help you deal with the situation right now does it?!? The Electric Saver 1200 not only helps make your home more energy efficient, but also protects your property against power surges or spikes.

no refrigerator- power surges


So, my message to you is: DON’T BE THAT GUY!  ^^^^^ Take action right now.  Even if you don’t care about saving energy, protecting your home against power surges and avoiding having to replace a week’s worth of groceries and a refrigerator will be well worth it.  BE THIS GUY! To get yours today, CLICK HERE

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