Top 6 Electric Saver Gadgets You Must Have

There’s not a single day that passes by, as it seems, when you won’t hear a warning message on the TV commercials and radio news alerting people the ever increasing need for energy consumption and why people need to significantly reduce their power usage – be it for the environment we live in or to save extra cash.

If you are using the following electric saver gadgets, energy saving would not be a pressing issue to you anymore. Not only you’ll reduce the energy consumption using these 6 electric saver gadgets, but you’ll also save few extra bucks, as a result.

1. Eco Kettle 2 – There are several different kettle in the market, however, the Eco Kettle 2 will drastically reduce the energy consumption – up to 31 percent to exact – than any other kettle. In addition, Eco Kettle 2 also decreases the waiting time by 90 seconds, in an average.

2. Water Pebble – Like many electric saver gadgets, the Water Pebble is very simple to use, yet very efficient. The Water Pebble has a built-in mechanism that let you know how much water you are using while taking a shower. Simply stick it on your plughole and see how it measures how much water you are using in your first shower. For future purpose, the Water Pebble uses the measures as a benchmark: flashes a green signal at the beginning, becomes orange half-way through, and signal you to stop by displaying a red light when you’re over using water.

3. Radiator Reflector Foil – Did you know that almost 70% of the heat generated by radiators is lost from the rear wall? Use Radiator Reflector Foil to stop this wastefulness, by covering the rear wall of the radiator using the foil.


4. The Electric Saver 1200 – This electric saver gadget is designed to save your electric bill. For example, the Electric Saver 1200 makes all the motors you use in your home much more energy efficient, including the air conditioning system, which alone account for more than 50% of your electricity bill. You can install the Electric Saver 1200 directly on to the motor, like the Central A/C or the pool pump. In addition to saving electricity consumption, the electric saver gadget also protects your home against power surges by making the motors more efficient.

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5. Electricity Saving Monitor¬†– Here’s another electricity monitoring device, with a little bit of twist attached to it. Instead of monitoring your household usage, plug in the Electricity Saving Monitor on appliances to know which are the most and the least energy-efficient.

6. Standby Buster – We are a creature of habit and being lazy is what we do from time to time. But when you’re using the Standby Buster, you won’t have to find a single excuse of not having save the energy usage. Simply stick it on your appliances and it ‘bust’ when they are leaking the electricity energy. If you’re not using it, simply use the remote control to completely switch it off, instead of leaving it on the stand-by mode. This electric saver gadget sounds a small measure to save energy, but you’ll be amazed at how much it saves the cost.

Well, when it comes to saving energy consumption and bringing down your electricity bill, having these 6 set of electric saver gadgets will do more good to you, in the long run.

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