Tips For Saving Electricity

Buy Electric SaverYou probably have been paying huge electricity bills, and you are looking for ways on how you can cut down on these costs .This is possible and quite simple, and even better, it will leave some money for your kids to go for their holiday or which you can use to take your family to that vacation they have always wished for. Here are several tips on how to save electricity.

1.Turn down the thermostat
You can reduce your energy consumption by up to 5% when you turn your thermostat down by just 1 degree. The difference in room temperature is not even noticeable. Also avoid heating rooms when you are not using your thermostat.

2.Prevent drafts
This is another simple way to reduce the average home electricity use. Typically, up to 50 percent of a heat is lost through the drafts. You can test an area to determine if cold air is coming through and then fix to prevent warm air from escaping .This is quite simple and will help you save on your electricity bills .

Tips To Save ElectricityIn some cases, it may be important to fit draft excluders around all exterior doors. Use a sealant or filter to fill in any crevices or cracks on floors, frames or skirting boards. You can prevent drafts by closing the curtains or shutters during the evening so as to trap in the warm air.

3.Turn off lighting and appliances
You should turn off lights when you leave a room and also ensure you don’t leave freezer or fridge doors open for longer than needed. This will help reduce the amount of electricity consumed by these appliances. It is wise to use energy-efficient appliances whether the bulbs, home entertainment equipment or kitchen goods. These are available in the market today and can use up to 50% less than other models.

You should also turn off your computer instead of leaving the screen saver on. Apart from reducing the life of your monitor, screen savers can use more electricity than when the computer is being used. Allow the display blanking feature to automatically turn off your monitor when you are not using the computer.

4.Use eco-friendly energy
We offer a wide variety of solar products to provide from the sun instead of fossil fuels that pollute the environment. With renewable energy, you are likely to consume less electricity, and your electricity bills will be lower.

Electric Saver 1200 Package5.Buy electric saver 1200
When motors are running, they derive their power from the transformer of the power company. The power goes through the wiring in the home to the motors. This whole process causes the wiring in a home to heat up, straining both the motors and wiring. The heat generated is referred to as watts, and it results in the loss of a lot of energy, which your energy company bills you for.

The Electric Saver 1200 will recycle the electricity that would have otherwise been lost, and release it back to the motor when needed. This will in turn reduce the amount of heat on the motors, resulting in decreased heat (watts). Consequently, you will pay lower electricity bill at the end of the month.

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