There’s no end to green energy!

If you think lower oil prices means alternative energy production will slow down, think again. Solar, wind, biomass, hydro and other green energy technologies are continuing to improve and drop in price, and with more people turning toward sustainable living, the trend will continue.

According to a recent USA Today poll, 81 percent of Americans believe the climate is changing, and 71 percent agree renewable energy is the best way to deal with the problem.

As far as price goes, it is now just as cost effective to build an energy plant based on solar panels as it is to build a gas or coal plant. It’s only a matter of time before solar becomes even cheaper and more efficient.

Petroleum and natural gas prices will likely rise over time – after all, when fossil fuels are gone, they’re gone – and demand for them may increase before it decreases due to inexpensive alternative options. Still, progress continues to be made, and we’re all witnesses to a power revolution.

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