Why is Power Factor Important?

Have you ever wondered, “Why is power factor important and how does it affect me?” If you have, then read on as we discuss it in detail. First, “What exactly is power factor?” In the simplest definition, power factor is the actual current that is fully utilized by a motor out of the total current that flows into the device. If your power bills are high and you don’t know why, learning more about power factor and motors is a great idea.

If you use motor driven equipment/appliances on your property, chances are some motors could have a low power factor. When you measure power factor, it can range from 0 to 1.  Zero power factor indicates the least utilization of the flowing current. On the other hand, power factor of 1 or 100% is an indicator that all the current flowing through the device is used for useful work by the device. This is the ideal situation as it shows that there is no current wastage and your motor is 100% efficient.

Real Power and Reactive Power

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For a device with a power factor of 50%, it implies that only 50% of the current flowing through the device is used for useful work by the device.  In light of this, POWER FACTOR is very important because it is the difference between paying what you should on your energy bills or a whole lot more.

power factor formulaIf you own property that uses heavy motor driven equipment of any kind and it is more than a couple years old, it is very important you check out the power factor of large motors/equipment on your property.  Most importantly, those that account for a large portion of your energy bill.  Failure to do so may mean you might be paying for energy which actually was never utilized for any useful purpose. (=HIGHER ENERGY BILLS)

Don’t believe me?  The US Dept. of Energy stated, “Over 16 Billion Dollars of Electricity is unusable energy, but billable in the U.S.”  Now that’s alot of cheddar right?  So now I hope you understand just how important power factor is.  Now, what do you need to do to NOT have to pay for unusable energy?  The answer is simple.  Power Factor Correction Devices. 

Will these type of devices help ANY motor become more energy efficient, like say, my Central A/C motor that runs year long in Florida?  Yep, you betcha.  What about my refrigerator or swimming pool pump?  Again yes.  Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, you are billed for electricity used.  The meters just measure the electricity your property demands from the power grid.  They have no way to tell if that refrigerator in your kitchen is from 1952 or the year 2018… other than how much energy it uses. 

The only difference in commercial property billing is that IF their power factor is below .95, some power companies bill them a penalty charge.  Residential customers are not billed power factor penalties.  BUT, this does NOT mean that making your property’s motors/appliances more energy efficient isn’t cost effective.  So whether you have a residential or commercial property, power factor correction can help you.

How can I check my Power Factor & Correct it?

power factor correction meterIf you aren’t familiar with electrical equipment or amp meters, for safety, always hire a knowledgeable person that can do this safely.  If you are a licensed electrician or knowledgeable enough to do this task safely, we recommend checking it with an amp meter.  We use the amp meter- Extech 38076 Model as it measures power factor and a whole lot more and doesn’t cost alot of $.  By clamping the meter to the wires on the motor, setting the amp meter to read the PF, and then getting a reading while the motor is running, you can see just how efficient or inefficient your motors on your property are. Usually the readings are .87 or .38 or .52 whatever, you get the idea.

If your power factor reading is below .95, it is a good idea to install power factor correction banks.  Not only will they help your motors use less energy, but installing them using ElectricSaver1200.com’s method will also help your equipment run cooler and last longer.  This benefit alone is worth the investment to protect your large motors/equipment. 

What will it cost me in the long run?

If your equipment were hit by a power surge from a storm tonight and fried, how much would it cost you to replace that motor/equipment?  (Central Air Conditioning Systems are not cheap, nor are other heavy machinery motors!) Having to replace any equipment is a big expense that could strike at any moment.  But having to replace it when you least expect it REALLY hurts. 

With the power factor correction products mentioned above, they also protect your motors/equipment against power surges/strikes.  If your equipment is needed to run your business, how long can you function without it and at what cost? How much is that worth to you?  Do you have the funds set aside to replace all your expensive motor driven equipment if this were to happen tomorrow?  Shield your expensive equipment and prevent this painful experience from ever occurring. Visit our site and buy your power factor correction banks today.  Our products have a product life of 25 years and are maintenance free.  That’s 25 years of energy savings ready to go BACK into your wallet to spend on something YOU love.  Get started on the road to energy efficiency right now!

Want to learn how to assess power factor and help others save energy while making a great income?  Become a dealer, it’s absolutely free to signup and learn.  We have tons of articles and videos to help you get started.  Visit our dealer page now.

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Energy efficiency is important because NO ONE likes to pay bills, especially when they are higher than they should be!  Energy efficiency improves you and your family’s life & quality of living.  By each of us taking the time to learn what impacts our energy bills the most, and doing something about it, we help not only ourselves, but also our planet, OUR HOME survive better.  As always, thanks for reading.  Here’s a helpful infographic below I thought you’d like:

energy efficiency and why its important

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