The Ideal Power Saving Setup of Power Factor Equipment

High power bill is a term that has become synonymous with the high cost of living. The ever increasing power bills have become a cliché term when talking about reduction of expenditure. Increasing costs of power continue to plague the residential, commercial as well as the industrial sector. Electricity has become part and parcel of the day to day activities thus increase in costs lead to a lowered standard of living. The major factor that contributes to increase in cost of power is energy inefficiencies either directly through the electrical appliances or from the electrics transmission and distribution.

When aiming to reduce cost of power, the main focus point is always on the power factor. Power factor is the measure of efficiency of electrical equipment. The higher the power factor the more efficient the electrical appliance. Power factor is measured using Kvar (kilovolt ampere reactive) which is determined by the real power used to drive the equipment against the power losses from the reactive power such as the magnetic flux, induction or leakages through power appliances that are on standby. In an electrical distribution system, power will trickle out through appliances that are not being used but are plugged into the electrics circuitry.

The best way to combat power losses is through use of Power factor equipment. Power factor equipment increases the power factor in the specific electrical gadget as well as the whole electrics circuit. This works by eliminating or minimizing the power leakages, reducing the consumption of power as well as ironing out the inefficiencies in the distribution system. The Power factor equipment provide quick and efficient ways of cutting down on cost and increasing the durability of equipment through less heating and cooler running.

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Solar energy and power savers such as the electric saver 1200 are among the best known Power factor equipment in the market. Merging or using the two systems together is the most ideal way of greatly improving the power factor as well as reducing the power bills. Solar energy is a favorite source of power. It provides renewable, clean energy that incurs costs during installation after which power costs become negligible. This way a consumer is able to enjoy free power off the GRID and he is also able to monitor the consumption. Installing a number of electric savers 1200 as part of the electricity circuit or using the Power factor equipment individually into the solar grid will conserve the power used thus saving energy and extending the life of the solar units especially the solar batteries, inverters and the solar charge controllers.

The benefits of using the ‘electricsaver1200’ from include a power saving of 25%, extended life of equipment etc.The services from not only offer the energy consumer the best way to cut down on energy cost but also offer distributors of the Power factor equipment a source of income. All information in regard to the advantages of using the electric saver as well as the benefits of becoming a distributor of the power factor correction equipment is available via the company’s website at

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