Increase your cash flow or bottom line by doing this! #1 is worth it for sure.

The 5 Things You Must Do & What to Avoid…

Most of us realize very late that our poor financial planning has landed us in a quandary on the Eve of our retirement. Listed below are some of the common mistakes that we inadvertently make and what YOU can do right now to change that.


Alan Lakein said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” This is precisely what happens with many of us who do

not make a financial plan. Remember, your financial plan will work only if it is fault-free.

No Action on the Plan

Assuming you have a plan, but do not put in efforts to make it work, it is as good as having no plan.

Procrastination is your greatest enemy in this. Work around this and make a success of your life.

No Emergency Fund

Sometimes things crash, sometimes unemployment happens.  By understanding that even if you have the best plan, life does not always go according to plan.  This should necessitate you to create an emergency fund covering at least 9 months of your living expenses. This should take care of misfortunes like job loss and the like.

Saving Money


A budget is imperative for financial planning. Unless you can plan where your money should go, you will not

be able to plan your expenditure and balance your cash outflows, leading to a catastrophe.

Live Within Your Means

Many of us are in the habit of spending money beyond our means to give a general impression about our

financial health, even when we probably are up to our neck in debt. Be happy with what you have, and live

within your means.

Know Your Priorities

Mortgage interests are cheaper than consumer debt interests are. Therefore, follow the principle that prudence is

the better part of valor, pay up your credit/debit card payments first, and cut your interest liability instead of

trying to pay off your mortgage fully.

How Putting Energy Saving Practices into your home or business, will increase your cash flow or the

bottom line.

Let us assume that you have planned your finances badly, and at the far end of your career, just before

retirement, you are really in a financial mess. One area where you could affect great savings is by initiating

energy-saving practices at both home and office. With proper steps, you can increase your cash flow or bottom

line. Please see some of the effective steps given below:

1) You could consider installing a power saver device like the Electric Saver 1200, which will considerably

increase the efficiency of your electrical equipment in the house, by recycling the wasted wattage arising

from the lost efficiency of these products.

2) Programmable thermostats will save you a good amount of money by turning the thermostat 10 to 15

degrees up or down, as necessary, when you are away, and programming it temperature wise and time

wise, to re-start to give you a comfortable zone when you return.

3) Replacing your old model power guzzlers like the clothes dryer, air conditioner, heater and washing

machine with latest models sporting efficiency stars, is a great way to economize on power

consumption, and therefore, your energy bills. For example, replacement of the clothes dryer could get

you a power remission valued at over $130 per annum.

4) Having your HVAC systems checked by the competent authorities and effecting corrections based on

their advice will surely give you a good annual saving on your power bills.


5) Several other factors like caulking and weather-stripping your doors and windows, using the right

capacity of equipment for the right work, using power strips to turn off standby modes in your

equipment such as televisions, etc., help to save on your energy bills.

These are all steps in the right direction to increase your cash flow or bottom line and make amends for your earlier lapses in proper financial planning.  And if you are lucky, you have plenty of time to take action now.  Enjoy 20+ years of energy savings and put all that $ into something more important, like say… YOU– not your power company.  For more information on our energy saving product, visit:



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