Take Training On

One thing many people neglect to do is continue to train their employees. This is a universal truth, and those companies that continue to offer training and education are exceptions in a sea of others who say it’s too expensive or that they don’t see the benefit.
In our profession this is not really an option. Furthering you and your electricians’ educations and training is necessary, especially as new technology and system are revolutionizing things. We are moving in on renewable energy fast and there’s a lot of change going on- continued education can keep you on the front-line of that giving your business the edge. More homes are getting automated- maybe not in the sci-fi way imaged in the 50’s, but lighting, heating/cooling, and even drapes are all going on auto as energy saving and cost cutting measures are more important. And your electricians ought to be on the front-line here as well. All this notwithstanding, you need to keep up with code and safety regulations as well! Read more about why continuing education and training is so vital here.

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