Subsidizing Stupid

Energy subsidies have been coming into question recently right as alternative energy is beginning to prove itself. The truth is, though subsidies are absolutely needed, we may be going about it all wrong. As of now we are subsidizing the actual construction of alternative energy, which makes sense in the short run, giving tax breaks and helping out the construction of wind farms is certainly getting them built, but there may be a better way.
European countries are building alternative energy and giving them breaks in a way that may make more sense. They give breaks and more money to those that build more efficient power sources by measuring actual output. This is proving to be effective in the erection of efficient structure, rather then the somewhat inefficient ones that we’ve put up. Though out wind turbines, for example, aren’t bad by any means, they are built partly with the ease to erect more in mind than some European modes that produce more energy. In the end it’s like a comparison of quality versus quantity, and we may need to shift our focus. Read more below-

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