Staging The World For Storage

Energy storage is becoming a legitimate option when it comes to powering our society, and this is a game changer for our industry and life in general. It’s a brave new world with fantastic new tech that’s revolutionizing everything while others crash and burn. Giant batteries that successfully store energy are being built, while microgrids are ensuring energy stability even in times of bad weather, and energy storage in the form of compressed air, once largely theoretical is proving itself.
But there is a problem. Though the tech is there and viable getting it off the ground and invested in is a different situation entirely. The new is scary, and not without reason. There have been earlier systems invested in that backfired or simply never gained traction. For decades this has been a money sink for investors, but what these new storage possibilities have to promise is impressive. 1.4 billion people don’t have access to the grid, but with microgrids and storage, that can change and these people can get access to the basics that you and I take for granted.
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