Save Energy and Money with KVAR Device

KVAR Device“KVAR” is a product designed to reduce electricity bills and human carbon footprint. The Kilo Volt Amperage Reduction system, KVAR, has been used for years already by companies, industries, and smart homeowners with one three main purposes: to reduce energy consumption, to lower the energy bill, and to increase the life of electric and electronic devices.

How does it work?
KVAR device reclaim, store, and supply power to inductive loads and motors. An inductive load consumes two kinds of power: working power and reactive power. The working power is guilty of the work of the motor while the reactive power develops an electromagnetic field to ground induction windings.

KVAR energy controller unit has been designed to optimize technology. This means that it reduces the reactive load without affecting the EMF. This way, the reactive power is recycled, and reclaimed by the energy controller, resulting in locally supplied power. Locally supplied power has a good effect on your electric and electronic devices around the house. Motors run more efficiently, and cooler saving money on long term. Also, your inductive motors last longer.

The KVAR equipment is famous for its capacity to stock the unused energy. When motors start, they drive a large initial amount of energy. The KVAR device will provide the initial amount of energy, instead of the main power line, and thus it will act as a mini system of energy storage. It also allows electric motors to operate more efficiently and helps to reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. The system consists of patented products that enable energy savings to be measured accurately.

KVAR InstallationTypes of KVAR devices
Residential – by installing a KVAR adjacent to a home panel one ensures optimization of the way all motors operate in his house. In order to install such a device to a house panel, an electrician will come and measure the home’s power factor. Depending on the result of this measurement, he will install the right model for it. From that point onwards, all motors in the home will run efficiently, saving up to 15% energy.

Commercial – before installing a KVAR unit to a commercial building a survey on-site is needed. During the survey, specialists will determine the reactive component sizing of individual motors. Based on the result of this survey they will recommend the suitable devices for your business.
Industrial – the industrial units have to gain the most from installing KVAR adjacent to their panels as they are huge energy consumers. The energy saving for the industrial sites is up to 25%.

Save Energy and MoneyThe electrical saver 1200 – the newest product
As all the motors that one can find in a house run inefficiently, loosing energy that you are paying for, the electrical saver 1200 was developed. Its job is to stock all the extra energy and to release it to your devices when they need it. This process will reduce the heat of the wires and, therefore, your energy bill.

Why should I buy a KVAR device?
Here are the reasons why you should buy your “KVAR” unit immediately:

Rapid return of your investment!
Immediate energy savings!
Reduces under voltage!
Approved and certified worldwide!
Quick installment!
No risk: 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

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