A Power Packed Pair

Wind power ends up producing the cheapest power, but it can be unpredictable. Solar generates a lot of power in the sun, but without storage, so much is wasted. Either way, renewable sources need new storage- so that’s exactly what they’ve been getting lately. The tech for energy storage is getting better every day, and this power packed pair is going to change the way out girds work forever.
The reason for the storage development is precisely because of how wind and solar are in more demand, and thus want to find ways to supply the power that’s being demanded. As solar hard cot plummet, storage solutions are being funded like never before. The fact is, we had never really needed storage that badly, because of this, the tech simply wasn’t developed. Now, however, the movement is on all fronts- from concepts to components the future of storage is lighting up.
For more on the future of energy storage and how it will effect out trade, see this hearty article here!

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