Power Factor Equipment for Utility Management

power-meterPower factor of an electrical power generating system in alternate current is known as the real amount of power that flows to the load of the apparent power present in the circuit. It may be a dimensionless number from 0 to 1.

What is Power Factor Correction?
Power factor correction which is also known as reactive power compensation can be used for reducing your utility bills to a considerable extent. This can be done right upon installation, which is easy, swift and minimizes downtime. Reactive power is a part of the total power. It is either consumed or generated in most of the components of the system, generation and transmission of power, and eventual distribution. The electrical resistance of a branch of a circuit within an AC system comprises reactance and resistance. Once the power factor equipment is installed, you will notice an instant improvement in your power factor, efficient usage of the power load of your system, and savings on electricity bills each month.

Our company provides harmonic filters which offer mitigation for different requirements. It also includes equipment for reduction of amplification of harmonics once the capacitors are switched automatically. It suppresses the harmonic problems individually and also reduces other future disorders.

Benefits of Power Factor Equipment
lower-energy-bills-graphThe power factor installation is useful to make motors more efficient, last longer, and cost less to operate your business. The power factor is used to determine the ideal capacity of the motor and the load on it at a given period of time.
The capacitor stores electric charge. Lately, power factor capacitor banks have been introduced in 3-phase applications for equally dividing the weight between the phases, reducing escalation of power and securing your device. With power factor correction equipment, you can reduce the kilowatt consumption of the device, if it is appropriately installed. These devices are installed on equipment which have electric motors and demand more power than what they really consume from the power company.
Transmission lines and their electrical motors represent the way in which capacitor banks can increase the efficiency of your device. The load is shared with the direct current, providing the additional power to heavy motor devices to help machines perform better by running cooler.
It helps the equipment function effectively using less kilowatts to help you reduce operating costs, with the company no longer being charged with a penalty for power factoring by the utility provider, which is an added benefit. The equipment for power correction is extensively used in elevators, escalators, chillers, refrigeration and heavy machinery. Bad power factor tends to increase your bills. Even when there is no penalty, you might need to pay increased costs for the energy that you do not use, along with reducing the lifespan of the machine.

Power Factoring is Eco-friendly Installing a device for power correction in your home or office saves money as well as enhances the life of your equipment. If the power company supplies less energy to you, they are not burning too much fossil fuel for generating the electricity. This technology becomes useful once more and more people start taking advantage of it. Trust a power factor correction device today. Power Factor Correction equipment is available here.

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by Glenn Hough, CEO Electric Saver 1200


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