Power Factor Calculation- What Tool Makes This A Cinch?

     The study of power factor calculation is a major part of correcting an inefficient power system. Calculating the power factor for a given system or circuit is not very complex. The power factor is a value that varies between zero and one.  But instead of doing all the calculations, is there a faster way to figure all this out?  Continue reading to see the tool that completely eliminates the need for all the calculations.


The value of power factor is actually the ratio of the actual power used, and the apparent power of the system. The apparent power is actually the value produced by the multiplication of the current voltage and the rate or current flow in the circuit. The apparent power also indicates the amount of power that is not returned to the source. The system with power factor value one, is an ideal system.

Each time when the required power is supplied to a circuit, a part of the supplied electricity is converted into heat while passing through the wires. Hence the lost electricity cannot be regained by any appliances (like motors) that are connected in the circuit. This process increases the amount of used energy and as well as the electricity bill. The power factor calculation essentially emphasizes this phenomenon. 

power factor correction equipment testing toolHowever, instead of using a math calculation and doing all the measurements, why not have a tool that will answer the problem for the equipment right on the spot?  That’s where our answer box comes in.  Simply clamp it to the motor and measure the correction in real time.  Not only does this remove the need for all the calculations, but you can also demonstrate to the customer on THEIR equipment, the reduction pfc systems can do. 


This will help you sell the job much easier to the client when they see the drop in energy with their own eyes.  If you are interested in obtaining the Answer Box, we have 2 different models.  1 is for single phase and 1 is for three phase.  Simply sign up to be a distributor here, and then email me back asking for the Answer Box video demonstration and pricing.  It is only available to our distributors so be sure to sign up in the link above.


We proudly manufacture quality Made in USA, power factor correction equipment and a variety of other power saving & surge suppression products. The ES1200 equipment (and other sized models) actually stores and releases power when needed by the circuit.  This function both reduces the heat produced by the wires and increases the power efficiency of the system.

We have Single Phase and Three Phase Models in various sizes as well as custom built to your specs. One is more commonly used in residential properties and other one is for commercial use (businesses, factories, large motors, and motor driven equipment).

This power factor calculation effective equipment ensures maximum longevity of the motors & appliances. Apart from this, customers can get more convenience features on purchasing of the equipment. We give a twenty year warranty and a 1 year satisfaction guarantee.  Our product can be easily attached to an existing electric panel or directly to the motor (such as a Central Air Conditioning System or Heat Pump).


Our customers report seeing an average savings of 10-15% but some have reported 30-40%.  Your savings will vary depending on your property’s inefficiencies.  Become a Distributor today and get special volume discount pricing!


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