Paying for climate change prevention

More people are concerned about climate change today than ever before. Huge strides are being made in renewable energy sources and people are more informed as to what’s going on with our planet. However, even people who are concerned are only willing to pay 5% more of their hard earned cash to stop it. Why?

To me the answer is simple – we’re still crawling our way out of a recession. It’s going to be a while yet before the public is comfortable enough to spend more money away from covering basic needs, so even if their hearts are in it their wallets are not.

Policy makers realize the implications of this. Even with the touted benefits of climate change prevention, there is far less political support for anything that means people have to pay more out of their pockets to see the changes happen.

Raising energy costs gradually is likely the best way to go, and as the economy recovers people will have more money to put toward the causes they feel most strongly about. Climate change will surely be near the top of the list.

Read the full article here: People Will Pay To Stop Climate Change – But Only $5

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